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Breaking News : Governor Soludo Seen Cleaning Streets Of Anambra

by Austin Areh
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Overtime, It is important to always out aside all conflict and chaos, and remember that future generations will remember our actions, good or bad. Many times, we may let our emotions get the best out of us, but a swift remember to note that , this is our only home will steer such emotions into positive ends. When we meet one another, we must put up a very high level of composure and allow a free flow of ideas, because that serves as the pivot of development in every society across the world. In passing information to one another, we should never manipulate it to push a bad agenda , which will disturb the peace and harmony of our nation because sometimes we really under estimate the effect of spreading the wrong information about one another. It is very vital to always consider the other mans plight, because every individual has their own super powers and flaws, including me, so it is better to live and let live. Our society can really do better with the time we have to ourselves as well as the full pool of information we enjoy with the availability of the internet.

Anytime we have the opportunity to send information out from our different channels of communication, we need to ask ourselves vital questions like ; what effect will this cause? And if I was given this information, how will I receive it? , those questions help you get answers asking the man in the mirror. This process will help every individual get clarity of how the message they are about to be passed will be welcomed at the receiving end.


The truth is that our nation is known to be constituted with emotional judgement sometimes, against facts and figures, and with that knowledge, it is easy for influential elements to use different mechanisms to sell their ideas or visions to  the masses, and this is a very potent tool used by the political class in every election.

It has been reported that apart from announcing clean up exercises in different areas of Anambra State, Governor Charles is leading by Example in terms of being there physically too. He was seen on the streets , following through with the cleaning exercises , that he kicked off with immediately in got into office .

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