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Breaking News : Godwin Emefiele’s Branded Vehicles On the Streets

by Austin Areh
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It is very substantial to emphasize on the ability of individuals who come from different groups of beliefs and schools of thought, to always look beyond these labels, and seek continuous peaceful communication channels. I know for a fact, that if we always remind ourselves about life , and how important it is to take the right steps at the right time, we will also learn how to place value on the people we meet along the line. Our characters should be built on healthy interactions with one another, because we are truly one, because each person on earth, is a distant relative, and we should treat others, how we really expect to be treated.


Our identity as Nigerians should come before our personal tags because if you keep passing the baton of blames to each other, we may never find solutions to issues concerning health, development, infrastructure and more. In truth, these conversations are better to be engaged in on social media platform and even forums without name calling or blame passing, we must remember that we are all Nigerians, and we need to build our conversations in diplomacy to accommodate more views and diverse ways of making more revenue while achieving growth.

While the CBN Governor had been told to resign his position , and follow his political ambition, his campaign team has however taken it up a notch by branding vehicles with his face on it; this is done in preparation of the 2023 elections . Godwin Emefiele initially didn’t make comments about his ambition, but with this vehicles already branded, it shows that he indeed one of the candidates queuing on the APC’s presidential list.

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