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Breaking News : EFCC Arrests Willie Obiano at Lagos Airport

by Austin Areh
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The concept of governance is one that places each individual on the fore front , as everyone looks up to them for direction and guidance. We clearly understand that in some cases life is a circle , and our mindset should be placed on futuristic pictures , as life keeps unfolding.

With the growth of the media in Nigeria, many people on a daily basis , always try to seek clarity, while adapting to the policies that still befall them, because there is a bridge of communication between them and the people that have voted them there , through a democratic process, which contradicts the main concept of the former.


In truth , there are steps to make the whole process more transparent while adding a system and method of checks and balances. The situation in Anambra keeps unfolding as it has been reported that the now, former Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano has been arrested by the men of the EFCC , on his way to Texas, while there is so much room for clarity, it remains a puzzle as the whole scenery unravels itself , hopefully we can have an official statement from representatives of the parties mentioned above.

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