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Breaking News : Bandits Prevent Azman Flight From Taking Off in Kaduna

by Nuel Emuebie
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For every political system to thrive, the role of diverse ideas and opinions must become consistent in matters that may arise, from constant communication between individuals who have different views, but a constant element of Interest. We must understand that in politics globally , there are no friends and no enemies , and what is exaggerated in the course of advertising for the vote of the masses is in many cases, the interest to win elections.

That is why it is appalling when youths who are vehicles of change and positive impact get carried away in a pool of emotions that disregard the basic qualities of peaceful co-existence and replace it with chaotic tendencies, which in the past has only led to loss of lives and properties. We must start looking at better ways to handle the pressures from our followers and also put in place security measures to protect lives and properties, as that’s the role of the government people voted into power.

However , as we follow up the stories emerging from Kaduna, it has been reported that Bandits have taken over the runway of the airport , therefore stopping a flight from taking off. The flight was scheduled to touch down in Lagos from Kaduna , but due to the disturbance of bandits, there are reports that soldiers have been deployed at the Kaduna International Airport to handle the situation .

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