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Breaking News : APC Chairman ,Abdullahi Adamu Resigns From The Senate

by Austin Areh
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I will not attribute it to a Nigerian thing, but it seems like, the last minute preparation orientation also affects the political process in the long run. We discover that the relevance some politicians has year in, year out,  largely rests on the media tool of public relations, once he stays in the news for years on a weekly basis, his name has registered in the minds of the political delegates across parties and with his financial freedom, it’s an icing on the cake. For most other politicians, I don’t know why they start to get active only around elections.

On the weeks to the build up to the elections, we start seeing pictures of governors hawking pure water on the streets or stopping to buy handkerchief from a street vendor, with the press making some funny news from it as always in the past, I guess 2023 will see so many versions of that.

It has been reported that the new  national chairman of the All Progressives Congress Abdullahi Adamu, has formally resigned from the senate. It has been noted that Abdullahi Adamu was elected as APC national chairman at the convention of the party that was held on March 26th, 2022, in a ceremony that saw him emerge as the consensus candidate. He represented Bornu North in the senate.

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