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Breaking News : Another Building Collapses In Lagos

by Austin Areh
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While the nation is driving for a better standard of living and maintenance of infrastructure, there seems to be a need for more work, especially in the role of due diligence reports on buildings that are erected in different parts of Lagos and even the country at Large.

Barely after days that the Ebutte Metta building collapse was reported by the Inland Town News team, there is a report about a building collapsing , this time in Ago Palace , Okota axis of Lagos. This said building is located at Chris Igadi Street, Ago Palace Way, and it is said to have  collapsed on , May 7th, 2022. Luckily, for the occupants, they noticed the impending danger and vacated the building some hours , before the eventual catastrophe.

Further more Dr. Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu , The Permanent Secretary of the  Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, clarified that nobody lost their life. He added that the property which had collapsed has the Lagos State Building Control Agency in charge. In his words :

 “The agency responded to the collapsed two-story building on Chris Igadi Street, off Ago Palace Way, opposite Kilimanjaro/ AP filling station, around 3am this morning.


“On arrival, information gathered from the residents revealed that the building gave signs several hours before it collapsed. Fortunately, nobody was trapped as all the occupants evacuated the area when the signs began two hours before the collapse.

“A headcount of occupants was carried out to ensure no occupants is missing and the remains of the building were cordoned off. The operation was concluded around 5:23 am. The site will be handed over to LABSCA and Ministry of Physical Planning for further investigation.”


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