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Breaking News: Anambra Football Association Reviews Ambassador Maureen Mmadu’s Project

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The maiden Anambra Football Kiddies’ Camp for 2020, a girl-child project of Ambassador Maureen Mmadu, the 1st African Lady Centurion, has continued to receive the blessings of the Anambra State Football Association Board.

The Female Football Committee members, Cordelia Akanna & Oliver Ndigwe, were so happy with Ambassador Mmadu whom they said: “has lifted a burden off our shoulders by initiating a project very close to our hearts”.

The meeting, held at the new FA, was to review the progress made so far, discussed among other things, how to grow female football in the State, especially among the teenagers, who have been neglected so long. Also, they resolved to give her all the necessary support to make this a reference point in the girl-child growth.

Ambassador Maureen Mmadu, on her part, assured the Committee that she is “out to make the project a biannual event, for every Easter and December.”

“Giving back to society is the main inspiration for me. I played to the best of my ability and Onitsha residents gave me so much encouragement, so I am just saying thank you.”

Lady Cordelia Akanna commended the African 1st Lady for her zeal and commitment. She told her that “we shall be behind you to the heights.”

It is on record that the Anambra Football Kiddies’ Camp, from day one, has enjoyed the blessing of the Care Taker Committee before now.

Credit: Sport 247

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