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Breaking News : Amotekun Rescues Corps Members From Kidnappers

by Austin Areh
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The wave enjoyed by every democratic dispensation is the sharing of diverse opinions by individuals who make up the masses, these opinions reflect before, during and after the elections. As everyone keeps on anticipating which side of the country the pendulum of the presidency will fall on, what we acknowledge without sentiments is that each section of the nation enjoys a large poll of personalities that possess the potentials of leading the country in the right path.

If Nigerians can start ignoring elements that plan to disturb our spirit of oneness and coexistence, we can build our nation into greatness in the shortest possible time. Many people plant so much discord through religious, tribal, religious, political orientation forgetting that are Nigerians first, before other classification, in the spirit of diplomacy we always should insist on the personality and merits of any body heading for a public position other than other aspects that won’t affect the results in governance.

Security is also a very important aspect in governance and while manifesting the qualities of a democratic state, putting active security apparatus in place has always been a sensitive aspect too. In supporting the Police and Military, certain regional security outfits have been introduced and one of them Amotekun. According to new reports, Men from the Ondo State security network have rescued six corps members that were kidnapped.

From the Gang, two of the  leaders arrested by the security outfit after the payment of 1 Million Naira  out of the 2 Million Naira ransom demanded before the release of the corps members who were kidnapped. The kidnapped citizens , made up of three males and three females, were kidnapped last Tuesday while travelling from Ondo town to Kaduna State for the mandatory national youth service program known as NYSC.

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