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Branson On Biafra

by InlandTown Editor
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Billionaire Richard Branson from the United Kingdom used his tweeter handle @richardbranson Thursday evening to remind the world about the Biafran genocide that world leaders have conspicuously avoided. 48 years after the British government led by then prime minister Harold Wilson actively participated in a genocidal annihilation of the Biafran people, the world is yet to hold responsible those who took part in what is unarguably one of the darkest periods of modern history.

Interestingly, Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of virgin group of companies, chose the article titled ‘Biafra is dying on its feet’ to draw attention to the inhumanity of war and tyranny as captured through the lens of photographers. You can find his article with more photos about this issue on virgin.com.

Never in modern history have so many people been massacred so much in such large numbers by any available means and the world simply moved on.

The human suffering that is Biafra is not yet over. Today, Biafrans are still prisoners in their homeland. From being a once great race of people who pride themselves in hard work, knowledge, culture and religion, they are essentially slaves in the British created Nigeria.

culled from Biafran Chronicle

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