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BEAUTY EXPOSE: A Rich Tale Of Chocolates + Peppermint (The Uncut Hazel Oils Story)

by InlandTown Editor
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Hazel beauty products

INLAND TOWN NEW MEDIA is excited to share with you some more updates on Hazel Oils, a brand that has been taking the beauty industry by storm for the past 5 years.

Led by Ndali Modebe, the Hazel Luxury Oils company has become a household name in the beauty and grooming industry, providing premium quality products for all Skin, Beard and Hair types.

Hazel Oils offers a wide range of products, each specially formulated to cater to different beauty and grooming needs.

Hazel beauty products

Hazel beauty products

From Luxurious Creed Beard Oils to Beard Butters to Hazel Honey Mint Scrubs, Acne Treatments, Best Selling-Hazel Remedy to Glow Butters, Butter Milk, Lip Balms, Tooth Whiteners to Hair Growth Products, and so much more, Hazel Oils has got you covered.

Their products are made with natural ingredients that are carefully sourced and blended to create effective solutions for various beauty and grooming concerns.

One of the most popular products from Hazel Oils is their Creed Beard Oil. This specially formulated oil is designed to nourish, condition and strengthen beard hair, while also promoting growth and reducing itchiness. It is made with a blend of natural oils like Jojoba, Royal Frankincense, Cedar Wood, Argan, and Carrot Oil and is available in a variety of scents to suit different preferences.

Hazel Creed Beard Oils

Hazel Creed Beard Oils

For those who love body scrubs, Hazel Oils has a range of Honey Mint scrubs that are perfect for exfoliating and hydrating the skin.

These scrubs are 100% Organic made from All Raw Honey, infused with Fresh Mint, Almonds, Wheat Bran, and a blend of natural oils that leave the skin feeling soft, smooth, exfoliated, moisturized and rejuvenated.


The skin is the largest organ of the body and it gets rejuvenated every 21-28 days. “You will never have glowing skin if you don’t exfoliate!!!. Ndali, reinter-narrated that exfoliating 2/3 days weekly, is essential to rid the body of dead skin cells, thereby making room for a much cleaner, clearer and healthier skin.

‘The No 1 Rule Of Beauty is Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!!!” Ndali explained.

If you’re looking to add some glow to your skin, you should get on Hazel’s 5 Step Beauty Program.

The Products include
Best Selling Glowing Skin Set
•Hazel Oils
•Hazel Remedy
•Hazel Honey Scrub
•Oats & Honey African Black Soap •Hazel Glow Butters For (Lighter or Brown Skin)

Hazel Luxury Set

Hazel Luxury Set

Hazel Glow Butters, popularly called Hazel Butter Milk is a rich blend of well sourced organic butters.
We have:

•Glow Butters For Lighter Skin
•Glow Butters For Brown Skin

Hazel body Butter

Hazel Body Butter

These luxurious body butters for Lighter Skin are enriched with Mango Butters, Avocado Butters, Carrot Butters, Glycerine, Vitamin E which help to add a healthy glow Skin Nourishment, and hydration, to the skin.

Our Glow Butters For Brown Skin “Butter Milk” Is Enriched with Cocoa Butters, Shea Butters, Chocolate Oils, Glycerin, and vitamin E, which are moisturizing and nourishing.

For those who struggle with hair growth, Hazel Oils offers a wide range of hair growth products that are designed to stimulate hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Their Hazel Hair Growth Oils & Butters are made with a blend of natural oils and natural butters like Shea Butter, castor oil, tea tree oils, baobab oils, peppermint, and sweet lavender, which help to nourish and strengthen healthy growing hair from their roots.

🍃”Chocolates + Peppermint”
These 2 Factors summarizes the story behind thriving Skin Care, Beauty & Grooming Brand, called Hazel Oils founded in 2018, by Media & PR Expert, Ndali Modebe.

For many years, Ndali Modebe, has proffered smart beauty solutions, and has been the go-to person to her friends and family for their beauty and grooming needs.

In 2018, under the guidance of her close friend Uriel Oputa, Ndali Modebe started her first ever blog and shortly after that in August 2018 she launched the Hazel Oils Brand.

As a lover of Luxury, Chocolates & Peppermint, it was In good timing to infuse her brand, Hazel Oils with what she loved the most.

Over the years, Ndali has been able to successfully make each product tailored to the specific needs of her clients by ensuring that every customer fills up a Skin Analysis Form with a narrative containing their skin types, and sensitivity, allergies, hereditary factors including any related medical conditions.

The reason for this she says, “Is to make sure we are giving the right product to the clients with the right skin type, to promote productivity and visible results.”

Ndali stressed that an after sale-follow up on purchasing customers is as important as pre sales follow up. At Hazel Oils, we follow up till you get desired results.

We’re excited to announce that Hazel Oils is currently working on expanding its operations to Accra, Ghana. Founder and Managing Director Ndali Modebe has been leading the charge on this expansion, and we can’t wait to see the brand reach even more customers across the continent.

Hazel Beauty Coaching Call OPENS TODAY for Skin Care Enthusiasts
For Business & Personal Purposes

Coaching Services Includes
•Online Coaching 200 Slots
•Physical Coaching (Group) 50 Slots
•One On One Coaching 10 Slots

WhatsApp “SKIN CARE COACHING” +234 814 318 3954
For A Special Discount (Terms & Conditions Applies)

What Our Customers Are Saying…


Beauty Secrets
Beauty Calendars

We are available on call for Online & Physical Skin Analysis Tests
Mondays – Fridays.
We are also available on Sundays from 12:00Pm.
We are available on call for Online & Physical Skin Analysis Tests
Mondays – Fridays.
We are also available on Sundays from 12:00Pm.

Follow & DM @hazel_oils on Instagram For HAZEL BEAUTY JOURNAL.

50% OFF FOR FIRST 20 Persons

Hazel Beauty Journal

Hazel Beauty Journal


Hazel Beauty Organic DIY

Hazel Beauty Organic DIYS

We hope you enjoyed this update on Hazel Oils, its products and services.



Ndali Modebe

Ndali Modebe

Ndali Modebe is Broadcaster with over 15 Years in the Media Industry. She has an extensive Media Career as she’s worked with Spice TV Africa, co-producing Fashion 360 with Media Personnel, Oluchi Nsofor, she has also presented The Beauty Class on Dream FM with Ebele Idam, Whilst she produced and presented Beauty Tips with Ndali, The Exclusive Hub, Glitz & Glams on City Radio.

Ndali has trained with the Assembly Hub, and Microsoft, right after she completed a two year career in Broadcasting Radio Nigeria, Coal City Fm As Anchor & Presenter on Sound of A Friday, Melody Lane with Ajebo, Diva Express to mention but a few.

She’s also a Skin Care Coach & Convener of Business Boost Bootcamp. She has successfully trained over 1000 persons both in the Beauty Business and in various other Businesses under Hazel Beauty Online & Business Boost Bootcamp.

Don’t forget to follow Ndali Modebe & Hazel Oils on social media to stay up-to-date with their latest news and offerings.

As always, we want to thank you for reading and constantly sharing our work. We appreciate your continued support and loyalty.

Send Us A DM NOW on Instagram @hazel_oils lets get you started on your journey to becoming a more radiant and confident you.

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