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BBN Reunion: Emmanuel Served ‘Hot Breakfast’

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Big Brother Naija, Season 6, ‘shine ya eye’ edition had plenty of the drama Nigerians love.

There were so many agreements, disagreements, revelations and apologies among ex housemates. With  Ebuka Obi-Uchendu being the host, you would definitely give the game away .@BBNaija season 6 Reunion

However, the peak of the reunion was when housemate Emmanuel gives shocking revelation on his relationship with Liquorose during the final episode of the reunion.


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Emmanuel said he never asked Liquorose to date him when she brought up the issue of catching him with a girl in his hotel room in Dubai.

BBN Reunion 2022

He reiterated that both of them never put a label to whatever they had, implying that it was never serious. These statements were very shocking as every BBNainja fan knows the EmmaRose ship sailed a long time ago.

In response to this Ebuka asked if their relationship was clearly stated, Liquorose stated that it was and she was his girlfriend despite Emmanuel’s denial.

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Liquorose further went ahead and accused Emmanuel of blocking and unblocking her on Instagram. Making it look like they had unfollowed each other when in reality she had never unfollowed him, neither was she been a bad girlfriend to him.

The whole relationship clash got everyone talking on social media about how the male gender can switch up on their commitments at anytime and act naïve about it.

Although this conversations where one sided; mostly in favor of Liquorose. BBN fans added that anybody can “Chop breakefast”. 

Emmanuel later took to Instagram to render an apology to Liquorose which she hasn’t replied to this now.

Liquorose in a tweet looked very happy as she gets acquainted with Pere and Cross. 


Cross some weeks ago also revealed in a voice message podcast how he has become so close to Liquorose. He noted that that he has now been able to understand her even more than anyone else did while is Biggie’s house.


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