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Apostle Johnson Suleman Opens “Free Food Restaurant

by Austin Areh
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For a typical human being, having a place to rest their head, food to eat, and clothes to wear , should be their primary focus, and in guaranteeing  this, there are certain attributes that need to be totally imbibed because mans true aspiration is to become better , and in becoming better, we must shed off any forms of animalistic tendencies and replace it with more humane attributes that make the world a better place to live in. In understanding this, we need to see the society as a mirror of the sum total of our actions and even our inactions because we hold the destinies of so many people and ourselves via communication on a daily basis.

A Pastor with this church in Edo State, Apostle Johnson Suleman , has opened up a restaurant where he says, six million Naira is spent weekly to feed people , as it caters for about a thousand people weekly. Pictures have surfaced with different Nigerians and visitors enjoying meals , as he says , there are no barriers , as every individual is welcome.

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