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APC Convention Presents New Executives

by Austin Areh
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Remember , political economy connects how the political situation is an undertone for the economy and this is largely seen as the revenues that should be gained from hosting a big sporting event , is being checked with the negative situation of security and political unrest in the state. To me, it’s like water and oil, and both won’t mix, there is need for political clarity and diplomacy to ensure that development is seen and felt , so propaganda won’t  take the glory at the end of the day.

This situation where by , political ambitions rise over the respect for human life is dangerous as the days go by as we see that no place is safe anymore if political processes are not inclined to add Peace to their plans . The expose everybody to disturbances , from the airport to the streets, chaos can erupt anywhere, and this acts are totally alien to the status quo and code of the people of the Nigeria , who have hospitality and commerce at the fore front of every engagement.

While there were reports of internal rancor during the APC conventions , here are some names of the people who have been elected to handle the matters of the APC in Nigeria . A former deputy governor of Osun State, Iyiola Omisore, was named as the party’s national secretary after many of the other candidates dropped off from the race.

Adamu, who is a former governor of Nasarawa State, who had emerged as a consensus candidate, and you’ll be surprised that was not among those who initially expressed interest in the chairmanship position.

Later On , he was later put into the race by the Presidency and some governors who preferred him over the other aspirants . The continuous insistence by the President for Adamu’s emergence forced other aspirants for the national chairmanship position to grudgingly step down and allow him run as a consensus candidate.

Other positions taken  are, Ibrahim Salawu (Deputy National Legal Adviser) and Omorede Osifo (Deputy National Treasurer) ,Uguru Ofoke (National Treasurer), Bashir Gumel (Financial Secretary), Suleiman Argungu (National Organising Secretary), Beta Edu (National Woman Leader), Abdullahi Israel (National Youth Leader), Tolu Bankole (Special Persons Leader), F.N Nwosu (National Welfare Secretary), Felix Morka (National Publicity Secretary), Abubakar Maikafi (National Auditor), Ahmed El-Marzuk (National Legal Adviser), Bashir Gumel (National Financial Secretary).

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