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Aisha Yesufu Speaks Against Lekki Toll Gate Re-Opening

by Austin Areh
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Going outside, we realise that the society is shaped by the policies that are being used over time, and we must understand that as citizens there are many middle men between the government officials and the people, I think that is one flaw of democracy because one cannot really vouch for the people that work under him unless there is a proactive attempt to be accurate. We have discovered that once a governor elects aides and other office holders, he expects to get actual reports of what is going on in their states via these aides but the opposite now reigns as the aides become more powerful than their bosses, thereby politicizing development and leaving so many people in oblivion in respect to developmental projects for the state which is not good because at the end of the day, everybody blames their bosses and not they, the middle men.

If governors start to understand that they can have the most prolific profiles going into office and still come out after four years looking like they did nothing for the state because every body they have empowered via roles in government have come in with the chop I chop tendency, and truthfully at the end of the day, when there are financial issues , the major fingers get pointed at the governor, while everybody forgets that there are so many people involved with the process, though, this does not give any governor that does not pay very close attention to the financial expenditure of his state a pat in the back, because as the number one citizen of the state, there should be very good mechanisms in place to attend to issues that concern the citizens you represent.

While people are calling for more representation from the officials elected into office by the government,, Aisha Yesufu  who is the Co-convener of the #BringBackOurGirls (BBOG) movement  shared her opinions on the decision of the Lagos State government to resume tolling at the Lekki Toll Gate saying it shows that they have no regards for human lives.

We remember that in October 2020, there was an out surge of youths, who demanded certain things to be met and then an after math that led to loss of lives and properties , with such events that  led to the suspension of tolling operations at the tollgate in the poll of  calls for justice for the victims of the shootings.

But in recent times , the Lagos State government has now ordered that there will kick off with  tolling, ignoring public outcry against the move as certain stake holders have been in several meetings trying to stand against it.

However Aisha Yesufu reminded Nigerians that the only the only tool they have in their hands is their vote , which can be effectively used to punish errant politicians in the next elections coming up in 2023.

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