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Air Peace Under Scrutiny By UK Authorities

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The UK Civil Aviation Authority reported Air Peace to the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority for violating aviation safety regulations.

London Gatwick Airport filed two mandatory occurrence reports to the UK Civil Aviation Authority regarding Air Peace’s operations.

‘United Kingdom SAFA Ramp Inspection Report’ (CAA-UK-2024-0217) and ‘NATS Management System Safety Report’ listed Air Peace safety violations at Gatwick Aerodrome. This led to the CAA reporting the airline to the UK Department of Transport.

UK SAFA reported alleged safety violations by Air Peace in London to the NCAA.

Afterwards, NCAA sent a letter to Air Peace’s CEO (Ref: NCAA/DOLTS/APL/Vol.11/03624) titled ‘United Kingdom SAFA Ramp Inspection Report dated May 14, 2024’. It was signed by the NCAA general manager of operations, O.O. Lawani.

NCAA informed Air Peace that UK CAA conducted the report on April 7, 2024, at 09:30 local time, on their B777-200 aircraft with registration Number 5N-BE (S/N 28324).

UK CAA alerted NCAA about Air Peace’s unauthorized use of electronic flight bag for navigation, jeopardizing aircraft safety.

CAA reported Air Peace lacked necessary equipment for electronic flight bag use. NCAA requested Air Peace inform them of corrective actions.

The letter highlighted that paper charts were not easily accessible, violating OMA 46 chapter 1H. Flight crew lacked familiarity with approved procedures, and required charts were not readily available.

UK CAA accused Air Peace of retrieving navigation plates outside the flight deck and lacking two-way communication during passenger refueling.

This allegation arose as Air Peace started operating the Lagos to London Gatwick route on April 30, 2024, under the Nigeria-UK Bilateral Air Services Agreement.

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