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You remember how when you were a kid you daydreamt about becoming an adult, and now that you’re older you realized “adulthood na scam” and you’d love to be kid again? Well, if you were at “The Agbaya Linkup” event yesterday, your imaginations would have come to life.

The Agbaya Linkup is an event convened by Chukwuma Ezeh, CEO Happivibe Services and in case you don’t know anything about Happivibe Services, you can check their website.

The Agbaya Linkup is basically a time machine that takes you back to a 90s, early 2000s Nigerian children’s party with the music, ambience, and even the birthday party pack we all remember enthusiastically taking home after those parties.
The very colorful event was held at Meadow Hall School, Lekki Sunday, 11th of September, 2022. It was filled with various fun childhood activities and billed to bring out the inner child in everyone that was in attendance.

There were various activities like face paintings, Bouncy castles, swings, jungle bars, slides, tinko-tinko, water gun fights, a remake of the legendary “Opomulero” choreography, and also party jollof rice. No children’s party is complete without the sensational party jollof

The Agbaya Linkup saw more than 2,000 tickets sold, as announced on their official Twitter handle with so many “reluctant adults” as they were dubbed in attendance. Even the legendary Barney and Po, the Teletubby mascots, were in attendance.
The event saw many adults lose consciousness of the boundaries that growing up set for them; adults played barefoot in the rain, sang old primary school march songs, shot each other with squirt guns, ate cotton candy, played musical chairs.


water gun
All in all, it was a much-needed stress-relief for many young adults saddled with the burdens of growing up and forfeiting almost fun thing in their lives, just to focus on a job, business or even building a successful career path. There was so much happiness and joy on the faces of everyone in attendance.

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