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Adaora , Governor Soludo’s Daughter Recounts Nigeria-Ghana Match

by Austin Areh
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The values placed on the roles women play in the stability and balance of the society cuts across so many areas and diverse aspects of life. While it is known that the role of procreating solely lands on the shoulders of women folks, over the years in recent times, women have been able to shade off the layers that only make them domestic associates into more of a professional outlook that touches all aspects of the society.

More than ever, women are waking up to their external roles in the society as it holds a pivot of advancing any form of developmental strides a government decides to carry out. And the evolving nature of the world has reflected on this position with examples in history of women who have been in very sensitive positions and been excellent in their roles and assignments they have been charged to carry out. However it is something to mention on how many times, the majority of the society forget that women have been in the core of the set up in terms of building the norms and culture of people, that in turn, has been drafted into laws and constitutions in the country at large.

I Believe that the Nigerian system needs to firstly remember that no matter the rate of irritation or situation being faced, Women and Children should never be vulnerable. I mean, that message should be made an official statement from different state governments, we need to curtail on the fact that women are exposed to dangers by just being part of a social gathering, that has to totally stop. A victim from the outrage from bad elements in the Nigerian – Ghana match that went soar has spoken out about her experience, and this is some clarity, we need to always put every life as important, because everyone matters.

Adaora Ifeatu, who is the daughter of Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, has narrated her experience at the Stadia where she was exposed to dangers from the being pepper sprayed and having to walk through  broken bottles while loosing her shoe as well. She has also vowed to never attend another social event as such an experience discourages her.


Taking to social media page , Adaora said she was pepper sprayed and walked through broken glass to escape from the irate fans.She outlines her bad experience,  and honestly this shows that every Nigerian should be protected, and the truth is, our culture needs to prioritize the safety of women and children first; honestly in an ideal society, many people who were recording should have served as protective shoulders at-least to the women and children first , in collaboration with the outnumbered security operatives handling the match. In her words “Pepper sprayed. Lost a shoe. Walked through broken glass. I am never going to another Nigerian event, My experience yesterday…If  speak. Anyway, I ‘m alive and well so we move” 


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