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Abuja-Kaduna Train: Terrorists Threaten To Slaughter Hostages after 24 hours

by Austin Areh
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The bandit group which took responsibility for the abduction of Kaduna-Abuja train passengers known as the Ansaru terrorists in March 2022, has once again stirred up fear in society after they threatened to slay the remaining 51 victims that they took along with them.

Remember that some days ago, a negotiator between the bandits and the Federal Government (Tukur Mamu), expressed his concern about the state and health condition of the victims, he claims that they are being bitten by snakes and other dangerous animals.

Later on he also confirmed that one of the hostages was shot, as a threat and a warning for the Federal Government  to respond to the agreement between them as quickly as possible.

However, in an audio  recording that has been circulating, which is maintained to be the voice of one of the members of the bandit group, they threatened to kill the hostages because the Federal Government has failed to strive for their release.

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Tukur Mamu, the negotiator and a Kaduna Based publisher, confirmed on Wednesday, that the recording is real and that the bandit group had fixed today, Wednesday 6th July 2022, to carry out what they had previously threatened.

According to him, on Monday, after giving them another opportunity to save the hostages, they became provoked.

He said that he was pleading with them and crying, telling them that since there had been a delay from the Federal Government, they should speak directly to the members of the family of the victims in order to negotiate their release.

He stated that based on the plea, they agreed to conduct another negotiation directly with the victims’ families.

The bandits also said that they are giving the families till Wednesday (today), and if they do not get a response from them or others that are interested in the negotiation, they will start killing some of the victims, one by one.

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