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A Nigerian Youth Arinze Igweike ; House of Reps Probes His Death In Indonesia.

by Austin Areh
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It is pure ignorance to underestimate the importance that of every individual in the society, because Life is priceless. Overtime , every ounce of growth and development mainly comes as a results of different kinds coming together in collaborative efforts to make an existing pattern , come out better. This means that varying ideas come to play, because one tree cannot make a forest.

The genuine admiration of each other’s strengths and beliefs is the base for progressive endeavors as it gives the opportunity for the right minds who can foresee that strategic positioning of ideas can enlighten a whole generation and build the foundation needed to have a great nation. It’s not a welcome development when people abuse others , in trying to make a point , and we have forgotten that the global community can only treat us, as we treat ourselves. If we do not start to encourage each other , and represent our true identity based in Unity, then we are at risk in the presence of the International community, who will only treat us, as we describe ourselves, because that’s the information they will work with , and that’s very bad PR in all ramifications.

The truth is words are cheap and when people are able to master words to manipulate people’s mindsets it becomes a norm. Everyone has a role to play in changing the face of our situation either in the economical,  security or social areas. Everyone has something to bring to the table and then if we keep unnecessarily passing the blame or judgement to someone else it makes us blind to the fact that we are our own future, we own our path and we can actually change the story.

While so many cases of abuse have been forgotten there is a new call of urgency and intentional steps , as the Nigerian state is looking into protecting the image and even citizens in the diaspora by enacting strategic moves to place a control on the cases of abuse against Nigerians in other countries because we need to be our brother’s keeper, that’s primary to every society.

The case of  a Nigerian Youth, Arinze Igweike , who was killed by immigration officers in Nigeria is the beginning of a new page , of better things to come because on Wednesday , the 23rd of March, the House of Representatives charged its committee on Diaspora and Foreign affairs to investigate the allegations of the inhumane treatment in the hands of Indonesian immigration officers. This also has led to the call that cases of other Nigerians as well, will also be investigated and there should be a report on it within four weeks.

The motion titled “ urgent need to address the violation of human rights and unfair treatment of Nigerians in Indonesia “ by Lynda Chuba-Ikpeazu. The lawmaker in her deep knowledge also mentioned that Indonesia is a signatory to the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights and freedom of every human being.

Taking it up a notch , she also highlighted that other cases revolving around extortion, detention , torture , have never been given attention and such has made them re-occur in varying forms over time. She also touched on the case of one Chukwueze who died in the same circumstances as the Late Arinze Igweike, and this had led to massive protests at the Nigerian Embassy in Jakarta at that time.

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