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Youths and Self-Employment

by InlandTown Editor
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The battle between the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities has been going on for years and so long as this continues, one can only imagine the state of students in the universities. The continuous strikes and sudden disruption of academic activities affect the wellbeing of students, therefore making it important that the universities put in place the proper structure that would facilitate mental rejuvenation and revival for students upon resumption.

   Due to the incessant abrupt strikes, students have been advised to get themselves equipped with at least a skill or handiwork which would, in turn, be a plus to them in the future because, in this generation, one can’t solely rely on their educational certificate to help achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Being self-employed is now the new normal.  The generation before this current one had their fair share of following their certificates but due to various changes, that does not completely work anymore. Acquiring an added skill or skills asides one’s certificates has helped attain dreams.

“World Youth Report, 2012 according to United Nations says and I quote With less experience and fewer skills than many adults, young people often encounter particular difficulty accessing work. The global youth unemployment rate, which has long exceeded that of other age groups saw its largest annual increase on record in 2009, at its peak 75.8 million young people are unemployed”. This makes it important for youths to be self-employed so as to generate their income directly for themselves from customers and not rely on being an employee of a business or person.

In Nigeria, there are fewer job opportunities than there are youths and this increases each year as more students graduate. This makes it imperative for youths to be skilful and self-employed.  

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