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Lawmakers Lament on the Dilapidated Condition of Enugu-Onitsha Expressway

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The Enugu-Onitsha expressway is of utmost importance. Its location is well planned, linking the South-East and the South-South. It connects Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi states as well as the northern states of Benue and Kogi. The road has worsened over the years; it is filled with potholes, craters and gullies carved by erosion making life difficult for travelers. The road is far worse when it’s rainy season.

Complaints have been made by the Anambra State House of Assembly concerning the appalling state of the Onitsha-Enugu expressway. According to them, the contract has been deserted. In addition to this complaint, the law makers are requesting that President Muhammadu Buhari directs the contracting firm back to site. All construction work was suspended by the Federal government due to the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the country. The law makers asserted that Buhari’s quick response to their request would save millions of people from the affliction caused by the deplorable state of the road. This followed a resolution sequel to motion sponsored by the majority leader, Dr.Nnamdi Okafor during plenary.

As explained by the lawmakers, the Onitsha-Enugu express way is a very important high way, emphasizing that its completion would boost economic activities, improve the movement of goods and minimize vehicular damages. According to Okafor, “the contract for the road reconstruction was awarded to Messrs. Reynod Construction Company (RCC) in November 2018 with a completion of forty two months. The construction company has already completed on worst dilapidated Umunya-Awkuzu axis of the expressway and embarked on the Amabia-Awkuzu section and was doing well at a very good pace until the lockdown and state boundary closures that came with the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, he said.”

He pondered on what could be the reason why the contractors were yet to resume to the site even after a long period of lifting the lockdown and interstate border closure by the Federal Government due to the COCID-19 pandemic. He said “ We call on President Buhari, through the Minister of Works and Housing, to direct the contractor reconstructing the Anambra section (RCC), to return to site to complete the good job it started on the road to alleviate the sufferings of the road users.” According to Comrade Obi Ositadinma: “The bad portions of the road have claimed many lives and rendered others permanently disabled. Our so-called leaders pretend they are blind whenever they get to the bad spots. This, to us, is irresponsibility and an indication that the government does not care about the people.”

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