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Happy New Month Inland Town

by Austin Areh
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This year has been a heaven of a year ( as we must always remain positive speakers ) that is the energy.

On the flip side, 2020 has been a year of twos. Like we say locally ” evritin na dobul dobul”. We cannot forget in a hurry the nightmares of the Covid 19 spread followed by the #lockdown around March and the #endsars protest in October.

As if the koboko of lockdown was not enough, we got painfully massaged by both increased power tariffs and premium motor spirit increments.

When I hear beer is sold at pump price, it makes me think of discounts. Naturally, any pump price increase generates a sporadic increase in the price tag of other essential products.

I was part of a recent round table discussion, with Ikeja Electric. We had complained about the incessant power failure and pushed for infrastructure upgrades, as well as a stay of action on an imminent tariff increase.

We were informed that the dollar has been on the rise against naira, to which someone commented“notin wey Musa no go see for gate” It begs the question, what concerns Naira with Dollar, are they married?

Anyway that is what happens in a consumption fueled economy like Nigeria.

This is a brand new month and we are grateful for pushing through the thorns. The only way forward is to keep pushing, even when today’s Naija Government is unresponsive to our plight.

Let us be the change we want to see, and make better lives for ourselves. I’m reminded of this powerful quote; “If not now, when? if not us, who?”

Story for the gods!

Happy new month of DECEMBER

InlandTown! 2020.

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