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5 Reasons Hookup is not Prostitution

by InlandTown Editor
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Hookup VS Prostitution

I know you were in shock or disbelief when you saw the headline, but let me clarify; I’m only answering the question “how”. I’m not for, neither am I against hookup nor prostitution. That being said, let’s begin.

In the original sense of the word, “Hookup” means a meeting, cooperation, an alliance, a joining or coming together of people, objects, organizations etc. But in today’s context, it often describes two individuals who meetup for paid casual sex. The payment can take various forms such as; cash, jewelry, land assets etc.

Meanwhile, in case anyone reading this doesn’t know what prostitution is, it is the practice of engaging in sexual activity with someone who is often times a stranger for immediate payment.

So, the foundations of hookup and prostitution are the same; sex as a commodity for transaction. But, you would be telling a half truth if you said “Hookup is prostitution!” because there are extra dynamics to hookup that makes it very different.

The first unique factor that distinguishes the two is that unlike prostitution, those who are into hookup usually have a job, business or skill that is a front and their clients or customers are sometimes also “clients and customers” (if you know, you know😉). Just like money laundering where illegal money is cleaned out using a legitimate front, hookup money is also covered up with different fronts to mask its origin.

Secondly, a prostitute’s clientele range has no limits whatsoever. Their clients are decided by one factor and one factor only, Money. Whoever can pay their price will get “serviced”. That’s the reason for the famous Nigerian saying: “Money for hand, back for ground”.

Meanwhile, a hookup girl will pick and choose her clients, cleverly carving a client-base for herself with her presentation, pricing system and diverse services. Calm down, let me explain:

A regular prostitute is mostly found on the roadside, street corners, hanging outside clubs and those kind of places where they can be seen by prospective customers.
But, a hookup girl will drive past the prostitute on the road in her Range Rover sport (that a client must have given her as payment at some point), enter the club, bar, lounge, head straight to the VIP section and order some of the most expensive drinks.

This show-off is very important because she has immediately canceled out the possibility of low-income earners approaching her. She declares her worth and availability in one move.

Just a quick recap to ensure we are on the same page; hookup girls usually use a front to cover the origin of their earnings while prostitutes do not, prostitutes service any and everybody but hookup girls have a specific clientele, and also hookup girls can be found in high-end locations unlike regular prostitutes.

Another unique feature that distinguishes hookup girls from prostitutes is their mode of operations. Regular prostitutes are usually “one-night standers”, with a rare exception of repeating customers. They offer their services and bid their customers adieu. But hookup girls, they play the long game. They find one max two clients, milk him for months and even years. They only move on when they feel he has outlived his usefulness.

Lastly and most importantly, from the privileged information I have, most prostitutes do not take pride in the line of work they practice. They are oftentimes victims of circumstances beyond their control. A lot of the roadside prostitutes we see all over the world today answer to pimps who are usually a part of crime syndycates. Hookup girls on the other hand make a choice. They choose their line of work based on a need to live and fund a luxurious lifestyle, seeking social media validation.

Whether you agree that hookup is prostitution or not, you must understand; a hookup girl is not your regular prostitute.

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1 comment

Daniel March 15, 2023 - 11:13 am

Very good analysis I’ll disagree on some points though.


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