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5 Facts About The Old Eastern Nigeria

by Austin Areh
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Chief Ukpabi Asika (Ajie of Onitsha), Sole Administrator East Central State was a man of vision, core achievement was in infrastructure and capacity building.

Look at this facts.

  1. Between 1954 & 1964, Eastern Nigeria was described as the fastest growing economy in the world by Harvard reviews. Faster than China, Singapore and the “Asian Tigers”.
  2. The Eastern govt was the only government in the world that invested 45% of its revenues in Education.
  3. The Eastern Region had the biggest Electricity Supply. Best Hospitals And The Igbos made up 60% Of Nigerian Civil Service
  4. The Eastern Nigeria had the highest Number of Registered Cars in Nigeria as at 1963 by a large margin.
  5. The Number of Registered Business in Nigeria as at 1963 was as follows.

East~ 68,220
West ~ 5776
North~ 2407.

Crédit: Modernisation And Politics Disintegration: Nigeria And The Igbo

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