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4 Perfect Moments From Episode 7 Of Glo Battle OF The Year

by Austin Areh
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Episode 7 of the biggest dance show in Nigeria, Glo Battle of the Year was truly a battle of the finals as over 24 competitors from 2 different categories; Afro dance and Krump battled for a place in the national finals. With African-infused rhythms and mimicry dance steps, these 24 individuals wowed both judges and audience alike with their dance moves. The show was aired on the Glo TV app, the exclusive hub for non-stop entertainment courtesy of Nigeria’s preeminent telecommunications company, Globacom.

Based on viewers and fan feedback, episode 7 produced near-perfect entertainment. The battles had storyline twists in various forms; from giant killers to beautiful wins and defeats, this episode truly delivered premium entertainment, and here are 4 stand-out moments from the episode that portrayed a perfect show.

  1. Church Boy loses finals tickets: DC Vorious has had a smooth sail in the Lagos Afro dance category with his Christian faith presenting positive vibes but his final battle against Richie didn’t go according to plan as the Lagos dancer lost despite his energetic performance. He would have to go through the wildcard category if he is to be at the national finals.
  1. Joy gets final joy as she claims automatic ticket: In the previous episode, PH Afro Contestant, Joy talked about how her mother does not support her dancing career. In this episode, Joy battled fellow dance amazon, Teni Kodak and in the end, the rejected stone became the head of the corner as Joy came out victorious.
  1. Benjamin clips K-Fly wings in Enugu Afro Battle: K-Fly has been a fan favorite in Enugu with energetic performances (especially his legworks, there is something about the way those legs work). However, those didn’t matter to Benjamin as he clinched Enugu’s automatic ticket by clipping the wings of the energetic K-Fly.
  1. Mad Buck calms Fury fire with mad Krump moves: The Benin Krump finals had Mad Buck go up against Fury and like a fire extinguisher, Mad Buck calmed the fierceness and fire in the dance moves Fury brought to the dance floor with an effortless win.                                                                                  There is still an opportunity for those evicted dancers to do battle in the finals and their fates are in your hands. All you have to do is simply log on to www.globotynigeria.com to cast your votes for your favorite evicted dancer. This weekend, on Episode 8 we would be welcoming the crews as they battle for a place in the finals. Don’t miss out on the excitement on the Glo TV app this Saturday by 8 pm.

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