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3 Unspoken Truths About Workplace Dating Culture

by Inland Town
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Workplace Dating Culture

By Itty Okopide

What is the workplace dating culture and why are bosses not liberal towards employees decision of establishing a romantic relationship? In my opinion, workplace dating culture would mean some set of practices ruled out by an organisation which employees must abide with in relation to romance.

So, Courtney has just been employed as an intern at a PR firm, and on her first day at work, she realises she has a chemistry with Joseph, a graphic designer. Courtney proceeded to ask HR the question “What is the dating culture here like?”

There can only be so many reasons as to why Courtney would love to know what the dating culture at her workplace is like. Let’s explore some reasons.

  1. Courtney has come across someone that she likes and would love to know about the dating culture in her workplace.
  2. Courtney admires the relationship between two lovebirds in her office and would love to know more about the dating culture in her workplace.
  3. She is curious as to why none of her colleagues have a close friendship with the opposite sex.

For whatever reason, Courtney would love to learn more about the dating culture at her workplace as that will tell her a lot on;

  • Reservations management has placed on office romance.
  • Employee mindset towards dating in the workplace
  • Unspoken truths about workplace dating culture

After speaking with a bunch of workplace lovebirds currently dating and looking to establish a serious relationship, they all had three things in common. These three things, make up truths about the workplace dating culture that even though the management are aware of, will never agree to. What are these three unspoken truths?

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Colleague Advocacy

All the lovebirds I spoke with noted this in common as a major factor that helped keep the office romance going. When colleagues advocate for a love pair, it just makes things much easier. There is a boost in productivity.

“Our colleagues at the office make us feel safe, they love us together. It started as a lunch date and then we knew we had to be together but we were scared about what the bosses would say and now it doesn’t matter.” Charles said.

Unified Work Environment

I think the management should do more at encouraging two people who have feelings for one another to explore those feelings and see where it leads.

When colleagues know that there are no restrictions to establishing a relationship in the workplace, this creates a work environment that is less tense and motivates them to work in unity. It can also foster the creation of relationships between other colleagues.

Truth be told, employees are humans and they don’t have any control over who they chose to fall in love with.

Let People Be

Oh well, you weren’t expecting this but guess what? this is the best thing the management of a company can do for two grown adults who have no control over who they fall in love with.  office romance is not a bad thing, so I think it is high time the management of companies review the strict workplace dating culture policies they have laid out.

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