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3 Reasons Why Your Introvert-Introvert Relationship Might Not Work

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All types of relationships go through ups and downs. As a matter of fact, there is no easy way to tell a relationship that will work when love is involved. Though nobody goes into a relationship with breaking up as an end goal but this does not remove the fact that some relationships are set up to crash even before they sail. The most important thing is to understand the cause, accept your differences, and brace yourself for the moment that comes afterwards. Hence as an introvert dating another introvert, you might want to consider the following reasons why that your introvert-introvert relationship might be a dead end.

The relationship tends to move at a slower pace
Compared to extrovert-introvert relationships, introvert-introvert couples lose zest very quickly. Some of the things that make dating fun, such as external social stimulation will be lacking since both of you see social gatherings as noise and space invasion. This oftentimes, leads to boredom and lack of continued interest.

Passiveness and emotional close-off
Your desire to avoid conflict may result in a lack of communication. Periodic Conflict is a sign of a healthy relationship and trying to avoid it may prevent introvert-introvert partners from asserting and getting certain needs met. This may also foster resentment because both parties bottle it up rather than specifying their needs.

The constant need for space
One of the traits of introverts is the constant need to be alone. How then does a relationship work if the people involved just want to be alone? While space promotes healthier attachment in other relationship, for an introvert-introvert relationship, it can interfere with building a solid foundation. Remember, solitude is sweet but the time spent in two is pure gold.

As much as these reasons are worthy of considerations, it is also important for people in this type of relationship to have a deep conversation on measures that can be taken to make the relationship work. An introvert-introvert relationship may work if the people in it give each other the time and attention needed to understand who their partner is and how best to relate with them. 

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