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24 Year Emerges “Agbogidi” Of Great Issele-Uku Kingdom

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The History of the great Isi-Ile-Uku (Issele-Uku) Kingdom by Prince Afumata Akeh-Osu recorded that Isi-Ile-Uku, “Issele-Uku” Kingdom was founded by the Binis in about 1230 AD by Oba Eweka 1 of Benin Empire and first Ogie of the kingdom was Prince Uwadiaie who was the second son of Oba Eweka 1.

“Isi-Ile-Uku” which was the aboriginal name which signifies relationship with Benin and the Oba of Benin ‘Uku akpolokpolo Omonoba n’edo’.

Oba Eweka 1’s  main reason for creating the new Benin outpost of Isi-Ile-Uku( now pronounced Issele-Uku), was to monitor, control  and stop the migration from East of the River Niger, and people from Igala land into the Edo land, West of the River Niger, whose occupations were mainly farming and fishing. Isi-Ile-Uku was positioned eastwards strategically for defense and expansion of Benin Empire.


Prince Uwadiaie, the second son of Oba Eweka 1, was crowned Ogie ‘King’ by his father Oba Eweka1 of Benin Empire about 1230 A.D. and sent to rule the Bini new kingdom of ISI-ILE-UKU in company of a group of Binis, worriors, administrators, chiefs and other princes of the royal family of Benin from Ogbe, Ehaekpen, Idumu Inaleibiwe, idumu Igun, Idumu Iken, Idumu Isama and Idumu Ugboka. Members of the royal family of Benin were settled at Ehaekpen of Issele-Uku.


These Bini quarters – Ogbe and Idumu are now called Isheakpe, Ogbidibo, Idumu-Inele Ebigwe, Idumu Uzu, Idumu Ikem, Idumu Ozoma, Idumu Onishe, Idumu Ihama, Idumu Isama and Idumu Edemoka “Umu edomoka” at Ogboli. The present language of the people of Issele-Uku has changed slightly the original pronounciations.

The Obi of ISI-ILE-UKU is an authorised representative of Oba of Benin, that made the Obi to have same paraphernalia and relics of Oba of Benin and performs the same yearly festival – Ugie ro ‘Oba – “Uje ine Aho Obi” at Issele-Uku. The tradition, language and custom of Issele-uku is the same with that of Benin, Bini language is found  in the Ika-Ibo language of the people of ISI-ILE-UKU “ISSELE-UKU”.


The Oba of Benin continues to crown the Obis of Issele-Uku until presently when he sends Chiefs to officiate for him on the crowning of any new Obi “king” of  ISI-ILE-UKU “ISSELE-UKU”. Although the Ika-Ibo Language predominates at Issele-Uku nowadays and it was due mainly to the fact that there were more interactions with the later Ibo founded towns around Issele-Uku than Benin-City which is situated a long distance away.

On Thursday the 29th of December 2016 Issele- Uku the headquaters of Aniocha- North Local Government Area became the capital of Delta State because all the dignitaries of the state government that gathered to witness the coronation of Obi of Iselle- uku and presentation of staff of office of the 20th Obi of Issele-Uku Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Agbogidi Nduka Ezeagwuna II


State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa was represented by his Deputy, Mr. Kingsley Otuaro. The Governor said he is confident that the reign of the monarch will usher in a new era of peace, progress and prosperity for the good people of Issele-Uku Kingdom.


The Governor reiterated in his statement: “It is also my hope and expectation that you will use your hallowed office to build bridges of cooperation and understanding not only in your Kingdom but among the different ethnic nationalities in the state.”



His Royal Majesty, Agbogidi Nduka Ezeagwuna II was born on 29th January 1992, the new Obi assured that his reign will be all inclusive, calling on all Oligbo sons and daughters to join hands as stakeholders of “Project Issele-Uku”

Obi Nduka Ezeagwuna II received his staff of office from the Deputy Governor of the State, Mr. Kingsley Otuaro and was pronouced the new Obi of Issele – Uku and head of EzeChima clan at the completion of traditional rites.

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