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2023 Elections: Assuage the pains of Nigerians- Obaseki

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The governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki has urged political leaders in Nigeria to step up good governance or lose the electorates in the forthcoming general elections.

He called on politicians to assuage the pains of Nigerians or expect a surprise from them as Nigerians are fed up with the inefficiencies and failure of government officials and other representatives and would reject them if they fail to meet up to expectations.

Obaseki said the people are closely watching the political situation in the country and are ready to shock political parties with their new political orientation.

“I am sure that we are all watching the development in the country very closely, particularly the evolving political development. It’s clear now that Nigerians are getting fed up with the government and those that represent them in government. We can see that in their reactions on social media and where their actions and emotions are heard.

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“For us as a government and representatives of our people, we will be hurting ourselves if we ignore the changes that are coming, and believe that things are still the same. We will all be shocked, as we are beginning to see.

“People are now beginning to realize that they need to demand more from people in government and those managing their resources and commonwealth; people will go out to vote their choice or interests.”

The governor added, “No political party today can beat its chest and say they will win or have a clear victory in the next election in the country.

“We are lucky in Edo State because we saw it coming, and have laid down the roadmap and anticipated it coming but our challenge is that many people don’t believe it; thinking we have time and things will still happen the way they usually do.”

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