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The family of the late Managing Director of Fourscore Homes, Femi Osibona, who died in the rubble of the collapsed 21-storey building are reportedly fighting over his properties.

Punch reports that information made available from a source close to the family revealed that his wife and family members are divided over the issue.

Osibona’s remains were only retrieved from the rubble on Thursday, four days after the building collapsed. He was the owner of the 21-storey building and was putting up the edifice in Ikoyi area of Lagos State for commercial purposes.

It was gatgered that the Late business man’s wife on her return from the United States of America, where she resides with her children, and found out that she had been locked out of her husband’s residence on Mosley Road in Ikoyi, Lagos State, by his relatives laying claim to his property. The source said, “There is big fighting going on.

“The wife had been mostly abroad.

“There is a will, but once a man dies, there is a problem.

“Instead of them (the family) to focus on the collapsed building, they are looking at the property (on Mosley Road).

“They are waiting to gain access (to the apartment); they are still there.”

Both parties were reported to have arrived at his residence with mobile police to lay claim to his assets, including luxury vehicles, cash and other valuable items.

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