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14 Things Not To Say If You Want Salary Increase And Keep Your Job!

by InlandTown Editor
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Salary negotiation responses that could cost you your dream job!

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#1. “I accept your first offer”
The employer often offers the job and salary simultaneously. Never say yes right away — even if you like the offer. Try not to end your negotiation process before it even starts.

#2. “I Want X”
Information is the key to any kind of negotiation and a common mistake job-seekers make is telling the employer what you’ll accept. Let the employer make the first offer — this will put you
into the position to see the number they are offering and gives you the opportunity to negotiate it up from there.

#3. “Is That All You Can Offer?”
Such phrase could easily offend the employer and you will lose the chance of landing that job. Even is the salary they’re offering is hilarious — try do not show your emotions and negotiate further.

#4. “I Have A Better Offer” or “This Is My Final Offer”
You might have a better offer, but this doesn’t mean you can use it to pressure the employer. Whatever you do, don’t threaten to leave
if you don’t get the raise, you also shouldn’t threaten your boss with other job offers, interviews, or recruiter conversations.

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#5. “My Answer Is No”
Negotiations are called like that for a reason, while negotiating you should be flexible and make counteroffers if the offer employer
have made doesn’t suit you. Answering “no” to an offer is a great way of losing the chance to get any offer.

#6. “I Don’t Want To Sound Agressive, But”
This kind of phrases should never be used in the negotiation process, especially if you don’t have any facts to base on further.


#7. “I Need”
Don’t focus on your personal needs. You make a much better case to your boss that you’re worth more when you focus on your performance and achievements.

#8. “I Hate To Have To Ask, But…”
There is no easy way to start asking for money, but saying that you “hate it” is just the most terrible way. Nobody hates to ask for more money, so just don’t lie that you do.

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#9. “I’ve Heard You Offered X To Jane And I Am A Much Better Worker”
Using gossip as a tool in salary negotiation is simply unprofessional and you can shoot yourself in the foot with such phrase. Also it is rude. Ofcourse you can and even should make a
research on your market value, thought you should do this on the Internet, not in the office.

#10. “I Think/Maybe”
Do not use words that will make you sound unsure. To receive the best offer you need to sound confident.

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#11. “Thats The Least I’m Willing To Accept”
If you will tell the lower offer you’re willing to accept, make sure to deal with it, because its the highest offer you will receive.

#12. “I’m Sorry”
Apologizing in the salary negotiation means you’re unconfident. Value yourself and know exactly what you’re worth. When you know exactly what kind of value you will bring to the company, you do not need to say you’re sorry because you want more money.

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#13. “This Is So Cheap”
Being disrespectful to the employer could simply leave you without a job.

#14. “I Worth So Much More”
If you don’t want to look arrogant – if you want to mention your value, try to say it in a way that isn’t so obnoxious.


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