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11,000 Meta workers sacked, African team’s fate uncertain

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The parent company of Facebook, Meta, has announced it would lay off more than eleven thousand (11,000) employees.

This represents 13 per cent of its 87,000 global employee base and is coming after Twitter laid off 3,700 workers on Friday. Twitter’s layoff affected most of its African team that had just physically resumed at the firm’s Africa office situated in Ghana.

While it is still unclear how Meta’s layoff might affect its African team, a message by Meta’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg, revealed that the staff reduction would affect Family of Apps and Reality Labs in every of its organization.

Last Thursday, Silicon Valley firms Stripe and Lyft announced large-scale layoffs while Amazon said it would freeze hiring in its corporate offices.

He said, “There is no good way to do a layoff, but we hope to get all the relevant information to you as quickly as possible and then do whatever we can to support you through this.

“Everyone will get an email soon letting you know what this layoff means for you. After that, every affected employee will have the opportunity to speak with someone to get their questions answered and join information sessions.”

Meta’s third quarter revenue declined four per cent year on year to hit $27.7bn and its net income declined from $9.19bn to $4.39bn y-o-y. The firm’s market cap has dropped from $1tn in the middle of the pandemic to $250bn.

According to him, this would affect the firm’s recruitment plans, considering it was planning to hire fewer people next year.

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