Ofala 2015: Obi of Onitsha Goes On Ancestral Retreat Today.

Obi Achebe on the throne of Ezechima
Obi Achebe on the throne of Ezechima


In Onicha traditional calendar today being the first of October 2015 thursday (eke) , starts with ‘Mgbapu Afa Obodo’ which is been renacted today, those days Obi has at his disposal renowned clairvoyants from Ikem Nando that he consults to look into the future of Onicha kingdom, later in the evening he will go on ancestral retreat ‘Inye ukwu na nlo Eze Onicha’, goes into dreaming for the next 4 market days, he will remain incommunicado relating with his ancestors in prayers, and pouring supplications for the betterment of Onicha. This precceeds Ofala Festival.



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